The frequency of job postings being refreshed on your job board is highly dependent on how job postings are posted on their respective company careers pages. 

Automatic Job Extraction 

Companies whose careers page use well-structured job postings see their job postings refreshed daily on the job board. You'll hear us refer to these careers pages as "automatic" as job postings get automatically extracted and updated on your job board. See How to ensure job postings are updated daily

Manual Job Extraction

Companies whose careers page use a non-structured way to post their jobs cannot benefit from our daily refresh frequency.  For those Getro has to revert to a manual process to maintain the job postings updated on your job board. Job postings need to get "manually" reviewed and updated on your job board. We have a team of fantastic people who visit these careers pages monthly and manually add, update, or remove jobs from your job board as necessary. 

To get job postings refreshed daily,  follow the guidance in How to ensure your job postings are updated daily

No Job Extraction

You can manually post jobs on Getro so you control how often these jobs are updated. See How to post a job when you don’t have a careers page

Can jobs "manually extracted" get updated more frequently?

Exceptionally, if your network can't wait for the next monthly cycle for changes to job postings manually extracted to be reflected on your job board,  fill in the Support Request form and select option D - Update Jobs.

You will need the following information:

  • Your email address
  • Your Company name
  • Your Network Name

Once we have that, we'll update all jobs on that company's careers page for the job board. Our turnaround time is one week, but we'll always try to get things done sooner when possible.