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Your job board is a vast marketplace of opportunities, which can be a lot to manage. We're making that easier by giving you a central place for all jobs posted via your admin portal called the Jobs page. This page saves you time by putting your posted jobs in one place and helps improve the service you offer to your network companies by giving you a bird's eye view of their open opportunities.

Why post jobs on Getro?

  • Some companies are too young to have a careers page on their website, but they can use your job board as a place to promote their open roles.
  • Jobs promoted on your board are more likely to be viewed by serious talent interested in your network, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all platform like Indeed or LinkedIn, which can yield high-quantity but low-quality talent results. 
  • Some companies in your network may have hundreds of jobs, but perhaps only a handful apply to the focus of your job board. You can exclude their extracted jobs and post those jobs that really matter to you from your admin portal.

Here's what you can do on the Jobs page:

  • View all jobs posted via your admin portal for any company on your job board instead of going into each individual company profile.
  • Filter those jobs by Company, Status, or Upcoming Expiration to see just the jobs that you want to review. 
  • Post a job for any company on your job board.
  • Easily identify jobs that are about to expire and extend their life.
  • Quickly edit or duplicate a job. 
  • Close a job once the role has been filled. 

Currently, this feature is in validation, so if you do not see this in your admin portal, hang tight! We anticipate releasing the Jobs page to all customers in May 2022. 


Only companies who have jobs posted from your admin portal will show up in the Company filter on this page. If all of their jobs are being extracted from an external source, they will not show here but can be viewed on their company profile.

Heads Up

Jobs posted before April 2022 will show an "Unknown" author, as we were not capturing this data before this time.

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