Featured Jobs: Showcase your opportunities

At Getro, we help you make opportunities in your network visible. With Featured Jobs, you are now able to highlight specific job postings you’d like to appear first on your job board.

Depending on your target audience, you may want to highlight or prioritize certain jobs on your job board, for example, you might want job openings from your own organization to appear at the top of your job board. 

Through your Getro admin portal, you can specify which jobs you’d like to assign “Featured status”.


Why use Featured Jobs?

Increased Visibility: With featured jobs, you are able to showcase the jobs of your choice at the top of your job board which means greater visibility for the roles you want to prioritize.

Easier Engagement Tracking: In the Analytics page of your admin portal, you are able to see the performance metrics of your Featured Jobs which allows for you to track engagement and their effectiveness. 

How to add Featured Jobs

On the Jobs Page, in your admin portal, when you click the 3 dot menu on any job opening you will see an option called “Featured status”

When you click the “Featured status” button, a pop-up will appear allowing you to update a job's feature status.

Once a job has been set to Featured status, the change will be reflected in the “Featured” column on the jobs page.

Featured Jobs in analytics

You are able to track Featured Job clicks through the job performance report on the Analytics page of your admin portal.

Do you have questions about Featured Jobs?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or help@getro.com to get your questions answered!

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