How to Create Lists in GetroConnect

Creating Lists in GetroConnect

With GetroConnect, you can create lists of experts and talent to make it easier for companies in your network to request introductions. 

There are 2 different types of lists: AI Assisted Lists and General Lists

AI assisted lists

  • These provide you the ability to add your own contacts using filters and also browse the top 15 candidates provided by the AI matching algorithm)
  • AI assisted lists can be made for private jobs or jobs on your job board

General lists

  • For organizing contacts without AI

All lists are available on the navigation menu item Lists.

There you can see...

  • List Name

  • Company (if list is associated to a company)

  • How many contacts are contained in the list

  • The visibility of the list (Shared or Internal) and whether it is password protected or not

  • Created by

  • Created date

You can...

  • Delete lists

  • Edit a list by clicking it

  • Filter by the list creator

  • Search by a list name, or company

The Create a List Flow

Select 'Create list'. From here you will see the different list type options. Remember that Private Job or Job on your Job Board lists will allow you to also leverage the AI generated matches

Sharing Lists

To share a list you will click on the ‘Share’ button where you can change the sharing setting of the list and add an optional password.

You can use the link provided to share with any recipient via your communication method of choice (usually email or Slack).

Benefits of Creating Lists in GetroConnect

Creating lists in GetroConnect can provide the following benefits:

  1. Improved Efficiency: By creating lists of experts and talent, you can quickly and easily find the contacts you need to connect with, reducing the time and effort required to manage your contacts.
  2. Better Organization: Lists allow you to group contacts based on specific criteria, making it easier to manage and search your contacts. You can also add tags to a list to further enhance its organization.
  3. Enhanced Collaboration: By sharing lists with others in your network, you can facilitate collaboration and communication among team members, increasing the likelihood of successful introductions.

Additional Information

  • You can edit the name and description of a list at any time.
  • You can add tags to a list to make it easier to search and filter.
  • You can share a list with others and allow them to subscribe to notifications when new contacts are added.

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