Auto-Update for GetroConnect Contact Lists

Contact Lists are GetroConnect’s flagship feature. With lists, you can easily share specific subsets of your network with your listed companies to support hiring, business development, or facilitate intros. 

While these lists used be static, requiring you to add any newly added contact to relevant lists manually, with Auto-Update for Contact Lists, you can now maintain updated contact lists effortlessly. 

With the auto-update functionality, you can set criteria for your contact lists and our system will automatically scan the network to add or remove contacts based on these criteria. This feature ensures that your contact lists remain current without the need for manual updates, saving you time and streamlining your contact management process.

Key Highlights

  • Dynamic Contact Lists: Set criteria once and let the system keep your list updated, automatically adding or removing contacts as needed.

  • Comprehensive Filter Options: Utilize all available filters in the Contacts view to tailor your auto-updating list to your specific requirements.

  • Manual Adjustments: Have the flexibility to manually add or remove contacts, giving you control over your list's accuracy and relevance.

  • AI Recommendations: Receive suggestions for potential contacts to add, though manual confirmation is required to include them in your list.

  • Persistent Data: If you choose to disable auto-update, your list will retain all previously added contacts, ensuring no data loss.

Sample Use Case:

You’re a VC supporting hiring across your portfolio. One of the most frequent roles your portfolio companies hire is a first marketing hire. They look to you and your network for support and intros. 

That said, you create a Top Marketing Talent list in your GetroConnect instance. You leverage filters to specify the criteria that you would use to signal someone as a top marketing reference (ex. Have held a role as CMO, have at least 10 years experience with marketing, have worked at a Seed or Series A startup, etc.).

You share that list across your portfolio companies for them to view, filter, and request intros as needed.

As you add Contacts to your Getro Instance (via new LinkedIn contacts, Talent Network signups, or manual uploads), any new contact that meets these specific criteria gets auto-added to your list. 

Thanks to Auto-Updates, you only need to share your list once and viewers will always have the most up to date version available. You or your portfolio companies can then subscribe to that list so they get notified via email or Slack when any new contact gets added. 

By creating and sharing an Auto-Updating contact list, you’ve now streamlined your contact management process and made it easy for your portfolio companies to benefit from your network.

How To Create an Auto-Updating List in GetroConnect:

  1. Navigate to 'Lists' to discover how auto-updates keep your contact lists effortlessly synchronized with your criteria.

  2. Select 'Create List' to begin assembling an auto-updating list that responds to your filtering preferences.

  3. Activate 'Auto-Update' and select your filters to ensure your list remains synchronized with your desired criteria.

  4. Secure your auto-update preferences by saving your filter selections.


  • What are lists with auto-update? They are dynamic contact lists that automatically refresh to include new contacts meeting predefined criteria, ensuring the list remains current without manual intervention.

  • What filters are available to create a list with auto-update? All filters that are available in the Contacts view are also available to create a list with auto-update.

  • How do lists with auto-update benefit me? These lists save time and effort by automatically incorporating new contacts that match the set criteria, helping you access updated information and maintain organized contact databases.

  • Can I manually add or remove contacts from a list with auto-update? Yes, you can manually add or remove contacts to ensure the list accurately reflects your preferences or specific needs, even with the auto-update feature enabled.

  • Can I get matches for a list with auto-update? Yes, but those matches won't be added automatically. You still need to review the AI recommendations and add contacts to the list manually.

  • What happens if I turn off auto-update from a list? The list will maintain all contacts that had been added automatically, but no other contacts will be added automatically in the future.

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